Wholeness 4 Love: My Journey

Native American Hoop of the People

Wholeness4Love is about my journey to physical, spiritually and emotional wholeness one step at a time. I started Wholistic Health Coaching in November and have been making small changes but now I want to step-up and do more to improve my health. For many years I struggled with PMDD(Premenstrual dysphoric disorder), systematic hypoglycemia, and stress related illnesses which resulted in me having a seizure while waiting to have dinner with my best friend in October 2009. The months following my seizure I had health problems that doctors could not diagnose and one day while sitting in class my hand started to shake, the doctors even suspected that I might have lupus and I decided to extend my graduate program to take a lighter load so that I could slow down. My health has improved but is still not where I would like it to be. Through Holistic Health coaching with Nicole Founder of Enlightened Table I learned the some of the foods I had been eating as well as the hair and skin products I used were aggravating my PMDD and stress. I also learned that many of my health issues were connected to emotional and creative expression issues that I had been ignoring or silently carrying around. The great thing about Holistic Health Coaching is that the spirit, soul and body of the person is taken into account and your plan of action is tailored to you. I have discovered many resources that are great supports for the changes I want to make and I would like to share this information with you. I want to invite you on my journey, though I usually blog about politics and stay away from blogging about my personal issues  as a Womanist I have come to see that the personal is political (for instance due to Food Deserts in low-income communities many end up eating unhealthy diets). I have gained so much thus far such as the ability to make my own perfume from essential oils, learning how to make all types of greens (including collards-yes they are VERY healthy for you!) and a clearer view of my vocation.

I also want to share the creative,imaginative aspects of my personality and so I have also decided to also highlight my interest in vintage fashion and the color red in theQueenwearsRed, my interest in art (especially Kandinsky) on Concerning the Spiritual in Art, inspirational quotes/poems in my Chapbook and finally Esther’s Call is still here because justice is at the heart of all I do-all of these sections are included in this blog. In the Wholeness4Love section I will be sharing my tips on supplements, foods, recipes, exercises and contemplative practices in the hopes that something you read will inspire you. I am like most of you busy, overwhelmed, sick of struggling against my body and body image issues and at the end of my rope. I want to love my body and to use food as my medicine and let my medicine be my food (based on the statement from Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”). This is not a vanity journey but a fight for my life and birthrate to be whole (holy). I promise most post won’t be this long, so please come back and share your journey, tips, questions and goals. I am not an expert but love passing on whatever I learn. Remember Life is for Living and LOVE is a Choice! Be Blessed!

My personal holistic health goals are to:

1. Eat a balanced, whole foods diet

2.Eliminate Gluten and limit dairy

3. Lose Weight (gain muscle)

4. Manage Stress

5. Cook More

6. Develop a contemplative practice

7. Run a 5k in 2012 & a 10k in 2013 building up to a marathon by 2017

Below are  recent pictures of me and I will be posting updated pictures throughout my journey.

December 2011
New Year’s Eve 2011
December 19th 2011

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