Health Update: What a week!

Please note this page is still under construction. I am in the process of transferring old post from my previous blog Esther’s Call, thanks for your patience.

So this week has been a roller coaster, today at 6:08am I received a message from my Aunt that my paternal grandmother died. My grandmother had been suffering with cancer for a while and though she put up a good fight she went home to be with the Lord. On one hand I take comfort in the fact that she won’t be in anymore pain but on the other hand I feel sad and frustrated, because my grandmother passed exactly 2-months to the day as my Aunt (her only daughter), at the same hospital and they had the same doctor! This doctor did not catch my Aunt’s cancer until it was stage 4. I know doctors do the best they can and we all have to die one day but on Thursday I watched a documentary Forks over Knives. The way I saw this documentary is because I was home from work (due to being exhausted after being at the hospital late the day before) and I walked into a neighborhood hair salon that also has nutrition and health programs! I asked about a hairtstlye and something told me to ask about the health information (I had passed by for months wondering about the salon with health classes) and I had a great conversation with the hairdresser who just happened to be  graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (the program I just enrolled in!). She is also a spiritual woman and invited me to watch Forks Over Knives and in this documentary the American diet’s connection to cancer was discussed and I realized that the saying is true “we perish for lack of knowledge”. The documentary even addressed the role the FDA plays in promoting a unhealthy diet. From my time working for Healthcare-Now! A single payer health care reform advocacy group I have learned the connection between big business  and our health. As Comedian and Talk Show host Bill Maher stated: “there is no money in healthy or dead people, but in people who are sick”

I wish I would have known about the connection between diet and illness earlier and I wish more people knew and had access to healthy foods in inner-city communities but what I can do is take steps to eat in a way that heals myself and pass this information onto others.I know this post may not be the most organized but I wanted to share my thoughts, it seems God is putting information into my hands for “such a time as this”. I will miss my grandfather and aunt but the best way we can honor those who have gone died is to live life to the fullest.

P.S. I joined Planet Fitness today for a $1!

During this time it was hard not to emotionally eat at the hospital especially since we had to eat at nearby fast food places due to camping out at the hospital, but I did pretty well. I have been trying to eat salads to gain energy from the dark leafy greens, because I have been extremely exhausted lastely. I have been craving sugar so last night I ate a dish I made-up last year while on the Arise & Shine Cleanse (which I highly recommend) see it below:

Sweet Banana Love

1 large banana (use more for each additional serving)

Organic Honey, Molasses or Agave

Cinnamon or Nutmeg

Cut and mash banana, add honey, molasses or agave and cinnamon, mix together and warm in microwave (1 minute) or stove (3-5 minutes).

This is a healthy and quick way to deal with your sweet tooth, but limit because bananas can spike your blood sugar levels if that is a concern.

May Shirley Bell & Aunt TWITTY R.I.P.

Picture UpdatesI will try to get some full body shots and will give weight loss updates. I hope as you see my progress visually you will be inspired…

December 20th, 2011

My Hair just because, lol!

February 4, 2012


February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012

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