Poetry Challenge Day 8: The Journey



It’s been a week since I started my 30 day poetry challenge and it has been great to practice creativity daily. A few days into the challenge I decided to add photos that I have taken to each post, combining both of my artistic loves-writing and photography. The photos above were taken at NY Penn Station’s NJ Transit waiting area and I thought they were appropriate for my poetic and literal journey. Have a blessed weekend!

The Journey

I strap on my traveling boots. I pick up my walking stick. The journey within is the most difficult one to make. I stick out my thumb to hitchhike on this road. I am picked up by my muse-not a Greek goddess but the holy spirit within. Though my feet may be blistered, my heart is joyful and full. With each step I take the road stretches further ahead. My eyes take the horizon in knowing that I don’t want this journey to end. My destination? Co- creativity with God.

Poetry Challenge Day7: Justice



Health Alert: Flax Seeds Just as Harmful as Soy?

I just read a wonderful blog post about a study that shows that Flax is just as harmful as soy, because like soy it can be an estrogen blocker. I really like flax seeds and have been using flax seeds and flax seed oils for years but as a preventative measure  I am going to cut flax out. Even when eating healthy we have to use wisdom. To read the article by Sister Aiya Abrihet visit Black Vegan Love: Flax Seeds Just as Harmful as Soy.

Poetry Challenge Day 6: When Will We Be Free??

Copyright © 1995-2012 The Marcus Garvey and UNIA Papers Project, UCLA

When will we be free? What does it take, who does it take? We don’t need another Messiah. Our modern life is not free; we are slaves to possessions, addictions and dead self-esteem. We can’t be free if we don’t know we are in neo-slavery. We won’t be free without radical love.

Poetry Challenge Day 5: Into the Deep


Into the deep I go searching for truth even if I search alone. Deeply looking for the wisdom of freedom and the joy of love. What does one take into the deep? Courageous silence.

Poetry Challenge Day 4: Healing Waters


Today I learned about the Institute for Poetic Medicine which focuses on the healing power of poetry. Poetry can be used to help treat physical and psychological illnesses. Poetic therapy is even used in hospitals. Inspired by this new knowledge I felt led to reflect on my own healing journey.

the deepest part of me.
A balm within myself, touch me and make me
Whole & Holy.

My “Church Hat” Wall

I love hats and wanted to highlight these four. As a African-American Christian woman I love the church hat tradition my elder women carry on. Because I believe that all I do is an act of worship and that God’s temple lies inside of me all my hats are “church hats”, because church is wherever I go to glory God-work, dancing with friends or Sunday morning worship. I plan on building a hat collection that will rival Civil and Women’s Right’s Activist Dr. Dorothy Height!

Light Straw Hat-Housing Works Thrift Shop & Dark Brown Hat-Old Navy, Ghetto Jesus & Mary Collage created by me but inspired by cards created by Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice in the South Bronx

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Poetry Challenge Day 3: Moorish Love

Today I stumbled upon an Ekphrasis piece, which is writing about a piece of art. Ekphrasis is more than a art review but is a poetic reflection inspired by the art piece. See my reflection on the sculpture Two Moors below. I took this picture at the Walters Museum of Art during the summer of 2010.


Deep, dark, ebony, mahogany, the moorish love of deep still waters. Their love was like the beautiful darkness that resided upon the face of the deep during the silence before the birth of creation. As they came together the spirit of God moved upon the face of their waters and manifested life. Their love was Royal and could not be conquered or contained.