Poetry Challenge Day 8: The Journey



It’s been a week since I started my 30 day poetry challenge and it has been great to practice creativity daily. A few days into the challenge I decided to add photos that I have taken to each post, combining both of my artistic loves-writing and photography. The photos above were taken at NY Penn Station’s NJ Transit waiting area and I thought they were appropriate for my poetic and literal journey. Have a blessed weekend!

The Journey

I strap on my traveling boots. I pick up my walking stick. The journey within is the most difficult one to make. I stick out my thumb to hitchhike on this road. I am picked up by my muse-not a Greek goddess but the holy spirit within. Though my feet may be blistered, my heart is joyful and full. With each step I take the road stretches further ahead. My eyes take the horizon in knowing that I don’t want this journey to end. My destination? Co- creativity with God.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge Day 8: The Journey

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