Poetry Challenge Day 11: I Used to Be Sweet…But Now I am A Bitch

I used to be sweet.
I used to be friendly; even elected as such by my class.
I used to be a pushover.
I used to sweet.
Now that I have left my home and my community I am now:
a bitch.
The perceptions of me have changed but not the light inside of me.
The mirror that used to reflect beautiful ebony now reflects white standards back to me.
If you fear and type me with your analog stereo than all you will see is what you want me to be.
Directness is honesty.
Passive aggressiveness a deceptive crime.
I used to worry about what was thought of me…
But now I see before I spoke “a bitch” was all you thought of me.
My light will shine even if your eyes are too sick to see.


Poetry Challenge Day 10: The A Train

           NYC MTA Transit

We’re riding together but sit worlds apart. The stockbroker, the mother, the hobo living in separate realities, yet riding in the same car. The A Train zips from beaches to hoods to ground zero. Our liberal metropolis is a kingdom of progressive “niceties” . The A Train is a silver chariot carrying us through our politely segregated city.