Poetry Challenge Day 15: By Harlem River We Sit & Weep


      From http://www.nyc.gov

By the Harlem River we sit and weep.
By the South Negril River we sit and weep.
By the River Mantua we sit and weep.
By the Mississippi River we sit and weep.
By the Volta River we sit and weep.
By the Nile River we sit and weep.

Our silent tears can not erase the pain-filled years.
These tears fell on the riverbank’s soil and fertilized it,
from this soil grows hopes and dreams that must be harvested by future generations.
We wept not only for what was lost but for what will never be.

Our melancholy can not be seen through stonewashed saginn’ jeans.
Our depressed affects painted with the finest Pink Friday MAC lipstick.
The joker and clown always wept the loudest when alone.
Our home is abandoned and the finest have been carried away in chain-gangs.
We serve and protect a king not our own for a few crumbs from the royal table,

“Look at us now we getting paper.”

Exiled to a stolen land,
we feel as if the divine mother has let go of our hand.
We wept, but many have forgotten why.
We wept, we yell, we cry, but many think our pain is an inconvenient lie.

Poetry Challenge Day 14: Clarity

         Quartz taken at the Museum of Natural History in NYC

I used to see into the mirror of my heart dimly, but now I see clearly.1

Clarity is more valuable than diamonds, rubies, emeralds and

all the precious stones deep within the earth.

What lies within is the greatest wisdom,

release all you own to obtain it

and once you have this truth sell it not.2

1. 1 Corinthians 13:12

2. Proverbs 23:23

Poetry Challenge Day 13: Calypso Sunnyday

The sun dances upon her skin,

engulfing her in a caress more passionate than any of her lovers,

a heated breeze

swirls around her,

she dances with the steel drum.

Her joy is apparent

to all who witness her worship.

A crowd gazes at her,

yet she hides in plain sight.

A calypso Queen-

the sun is her crown.

        Created at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens by Isaiah Zagar

        Created at Philadelphia’s Magic Garden by Isaiah Zagar

Poetry Challenge Day 12: Freedom Day

Instead of “Independence Day” we need a Freedom Day.
A Day of truth.
A Day of love.
A Day of pride in who we are.
Artificial fireworks will never replace
the Starlights that led our ancestors to freedomland, because these lights illuminate life.
Independence is a myth that separates BUT
Freedom liberates.

“Chinese Crisis” Theater of the Oppressed Exercise

Poetry Challenge Day 11: I Used to Be Sweet…But Now I am A Bitch

I used to be sweet.
I used to be friendly; even elected as such by my class.
I used to be a pushover.
I used to sweet.
Now that I have left my home and my community I am now:
a bitch.
The perceptions of me have changed but not the light inside of me.
The mirror that used to reflect beautiful ebony now reflects white standards back to me.
If you fear and type me with your analog stereo than all you will see is what you want me to be.
Directness is honesty.
Passive aggressiveness a deceptive crime.
I used to worry about what was thought of me…
But now I see before I spoke “a bitch” was all you thought of me.
My light will shine even if your eyes are too sick to see.


Poetry Challenge Day 10: The A Train

           NYC MTA Transit

We’re riding together but sit worlds apart. The stockbroker, the mother, the hobo living in separate realities, yet riding in the same car. The A Train zips from beaches to hoods to ground zero. Our liberal metropolis is a kingdom of progressive “niceties” . The A Train is a silver chariot carrying us through our politely segregated city.

Poetry Challenge Day 9: Awaken My Soul


Central Park-NYC Summer 2011

The Lush beauty of this life within myself. Awaken my soul. Open my eyes. I want to see, touch and taste your love. My womb is filled with a creation that is divine. My spirit’s doula says “push it’s time”, so I take a deep breath inhaling courage and exhaling resistance. My soul has awakened because I have given birth to my destiny.