Show-Up! Show Out! A Celebration of Natural Hair!

I am currently in Saas Fee,Switzerland doing a short term Philosophy & Media program and today we looked at the work of the German Philosopher Theodor W. Adorno who speaks of “Natural Beauty” vs. “Artistic Beauty” and this reminded me of the agony many Black women have over their natural beauty. Adorno was speaking of nature vs. art and the fact that art tries to capture what is seen in nature but cannot.Many Black women have difficulty accepting their natural beauty which is unfortunate because natural beauty cannot be duplicated. As Black women we possess Mitochondrial DNA and from this DNA all of humanity was born, therefore the Black woman is closest to nature and natural beauty. Sadly, we fear and often resent our natural beauty. As the Bible says “we perish for a lack of knowledge” and as Black women we are not loving ourselves because we lack the knowledge of who we truly are. We attempt to look like everybody else yet we are the prototype of humanity, which does not mean we are better than others but it does mean we are valuable.

On Saturday July 28th I attended a fabulous event: Show Up, Show Out hosted by Imena Salon and I Love My Fro. This event was a night of fun to celebrate women with natural hair and the men who love them. The celebration was held at the fitting Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Education Center in Harlem. As I walked up the stairs of the center I saw a powerful quote about beauty from Malcolm X where he talks about true beauty or what I would call “natural beauty”.

“Love is disposition, behavior,attitude, thoughts,likes, dislikes-these things make a beautiful woman, a beautiful wife. This is the beauty that never fades.”-Malcolm X

The night included a hair show, massages, dancing, vendors, belly dancing and more. I loved seeing so many sisters in their natural beauty, confident in the crowns God gave them. See the pictures below.

   Amen! (I don’t know where the light orb came from)


Imena Salon has helped my hair grow and get healthy!

       Me and my friend Paris who modeled in the hair show!

Me, my hair stylist & owner of Imena Salon: Tami & my soror (and fellow Imena client) Nina!

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3 thoughts on “Show-Up! Show Out! A Celebration of Natural Hair!

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I’ve worn my hair natural forever, with small periods during which I have relaxed or texturized my hair — I jokingly say that I have a right to relax my hair because I appreciate it so much being kinky and I’m not relaxing it because I think it’s bad hair — I’m just enjoying variety. My dad said — don’t let anyone tell you that you have bad hair. My mom thinks that this hair isn’t meant to be combed — and I agree that at a certain length it shouldn’t be. Think about the self-hatred we have because we can’t get a comb through it — do you think nature intended for us to experience pain like that?

    I think we look derivative and bastardized with the effort and obvious strain we go through to fit the western standard of beauty. It makes us ugly I think. And I think people on a subconscious level detect the inferiority complex behind it.

  2. Thanks! As long as you know why you sometimes relax and texturize your hair I think it’s fine, I sometimes have my hair blown out. I don’t think nature meant for us to be in pain combing our hair out, if you comb your hair while it’s wet (even if you just spray it with water) it won’t hurt, you can also use your hands to fluff our a afro or curly style. I do think on a subconscious and not so subconscious level other groups pick up on the inferiority complex when we try to look like them. Take care.

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