Bijoux Uniques

I love purchasing street or handcrafted jewelry and living in New York City I always have the opportunity to do so (probably more opportunities than I need).  Whether I am on 125th Street in Harlem or hanging out in Union Square downtown I am always tempted to by one more pair of earrings or another funky ring, see some of my finds below:

Various pieces that were gifted or brought from vendors on 125th Street in Harlem. The cuff is from Venus Visuals.

                             Gifted from my friend Ayana

Purchased from an African Jewelry designer on 125th street, the bracelet is copper which is said to have healing properties.

Cross purchased from a street vendor on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

                      Cross by Tracey Ramsey & Mary Pendant gifted

                       Earrings from African shop in Harlem

Earrings from Harlem Vendor, Necklace-? & Amber Stone which is great for creative energy.

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