30th Birthday Reflection: 3 Decades of Lessons

Toddler Love probably thinking about some baby justice issue like the correlation between Barbie and self-esteem, LOL.

Today I turn 30 in Sass-Fee Switzerland of all places! Though I enjoy the beauty and fresh air I do miss family and friends. Last night right before 12AM I set intentions for this year because I feel like birthdays are similar New Years Day and in the Black southern tradition the way you start the  New Year is the way you will spend it and I want to spend this year in God’s purpose for me. I also reflected on the lessons God has taught me during these three decades of my life:

Age 7 2nd Grade Picture Day

Lesson 1 Ages 0-10 Your Beginning Does Not Determine Your End Though your twin didn’t make it and you got off to a rough start I am here for you and closer than you think. Read often, observe the conditions around you and  move in wisdom. Homelessness, foster care and poverty are unjust conditions but do not determine your worth or destiny. Pick-up your grandmother’s Bible, pray and let my love light your path.

High School with classmates, check the shoulder mole!

Lesson 2 Ages 10-20 God is Tangible Love:  Journal often and let your imagination run wild. Respond to the Gospel when you hear it, but don’t totally take Paul’s words about women to heart; your calling will find you even if you run from it.  I will receive you even when others forsake you. Love never fails but “justice is love in the public square”.

Occupy Wall Street Chaplains-Healing & Justice Go Hand in Hand

Lesson 3 Ages 20-30 Healing is a Choice: Pursue your personal healing while pursuing justice for others. Creativity is divinity. The only indicator of your spiritual growth are the fruits of the spirit and as you spiritually mature you will emotionally mature. Listen to my Holy Spirit inside of you. Be silent before me.

Dr. King’s Poor People’s Campaign my inspiration!

Leos at 2012 Children’s Defense Fund National Conference

It’s a Celebration!

For my birthday I enjoyed some authentic Swiss food and drinks with new friends and enjoyed receiving a serenade of the Swiss Happy Birthday song with accordions!

                                      Birthday Cupcake!

Birthday Fondue with new friends @ Hotel Tenne in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

                                                Birthday Birdie

I loved hearing the live Swiss version of Happy Birthday with accordions and all!

My birthday gifts to you:

Encouraging quotes from my birthday twins: Mae West & Marcus Garvey:

“Love thy neighbor — and if he happens to be tall, debonair and devastating, it will be that much easier.” -Mae West 

“God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.”-Marcus Garvey

I am a Leo(yes I know it doesn’t matter, LOL) and these two videos about the Lioness have blessed my spirit:

Lioness Arising by Christian Speaker & Author Lisa Bevere

Lioness by Speaker & Author Alexyss K Tylor (viewer discretion is advised she does curse but the message is powerful)

I hope some of my lessons can encourage you as well. I believe celebration can be a revolutionary and spiritual act because it shows that to spite everything we can still laugh, love and live life, with that said I will be enjoying some fondue tonight and a Belated 80’s Party! Be Blessed and remember Life is for Living & Love is a CHOICE!”

10 thoughts on “30th Birthday Reflection: 3 Decades of Lessons

  1. lovely post onlielove! i too have been encouraged reading your God notes.. isnt He something?! love you much. excited of ALL that has YET to unfold in your life! cant wait to celebrate with you! 😉

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