Spreading the Love!

I am very grateful and encouraged to have been nominated for the Beautiful Blog Award and the Inspiring Blogger Award by Mahogany who has a wonderful blog filled with daily inspiration, videos and classes to help you live a life of bliss, check this sister out!


7 Fun Facts about Me:

  1. My favorite colors are purple and red.
  2. I love fashion blogs.
  3. I LOVE stand-up comedy especially Richard  Pryor, Paul Mooney, Katt Williams & Sommore.
  4. The Office is one of my favorite sitcoms.
  5. I love reading about soul-mates and twin flames/souls.
  6. My favorite season is summer.
  7. I love Advent Chocolate Calendars.

I am nominating the following blogs for the Beautiful Blogger & Very Inspiring Blogger Awards:

  1. Not-So- Patiently Waiting for His Love
  2. Vintage Virgin
  3. New Heaven on Earth
  4. !StyleLikeMe!
  5. Curvy Fashionista
  6. Take Action Publishing 
  7. Black Vegan Love
  8. The Black Berry Beauty
  9. Style is My Thing
  10. Red Dress Theology
  11. The Body is Not An Apology
  12. Sacred Vibes Healing
  13. Les Pitreries de Vanoue
  14. Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too
  15. Modestia

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