Detox your skin with Tea!


A cup of tea is most helpful in the cold months of the year. They re soothing to our bodies when come from the chilly and cold weather outside, or when we are down with the seasonal colds, tea brings much comfort to us for many things. But how many of us are aware of herbal teas, used from the inside, can be used to clear acne.


Skin detox tea for the skin helps in reducing acne and other skin problems as it cleanses the skin from inside out in 21 days. The herbal tea will help detox your skin and help prevent and treat acne and oily, blemish-prone skin. Healthy, clear skin becomes a reality thanks to mild liver cleansing, pores detoxing, and gentle cleansing of the body inside out. Once your body gently cleanses itself from toxins and excessive hormones, acne breakouts will less likely to occur.


  1. Antibacterial action

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