Prayers for Children

Sandy HookMy heart was saddened when I learned of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but I was also reminded that in the inner-city children are shot and killed everyday. Growing up in East New York, Brooklyn I was accustomed to hearing gun shots and hitting the floor for cover at an early age, this is a tragedy as well. In Chicago for 6-months in 2012 on average 50 people were killed by gun violence a month (many children and teens), this is higher than the death rate in war torn countries. Trauma research has shown that youth in inner-city communities in California have higher trauma rates than youth in Iraq-this is a tragedy as well. I do not like to compare pain because pain is pain but what we must overstand is that when we allow the poor to die for years without concern we open ourselves up for tragedies like Sandy Hook. ALL life is sacred! Black, white, rich, poor, children, teens and elderly. What is done to one affects all because you can not build a gated community to keep out the violence and pain of the rejected. Yes we need access to mental health and gun control but what we also need are villages that will shepherd youth with love and justice.

My prayers are for ALL children who face violence. The beautiful prayer by Ina Hughes captures the sacredness of all children, please read it below:

“We pray for children who sneak popsicles before supper, who erase holes in workbooks, who can never find their shoes.

And we pray for those who stare at photographers from behind barbed wire, who can’t bound down the street in a new pair of sneakers, who never “counted potatoes,” who were born in places we wouldn’t be caught dead, who never go to the circus, who live in an X-rated world.

We pray for children who bring us sticky kisses and fistfuls of dandelions, who hug us in a hurry and forget their lunch money.

And we pray for those who never get dessert, who have no safe blanket to drag behind them, who watch their parents watch them die, who can’t find any bread to steal, who don’t have any rooms to clean up, whose pictures aren’t on anybody’s dresser,  and whose monsters are real.

We pray for children who spend all their allowance before Tuesday, who throw tantrums in the grocery store and pick at their food, who like ghost stories, who shove dirty clothes under the bed and never rinse out the tub, who get visits from the tooth fairy, who don’t like to be kissed in front of the carpool, who squirm in church or temple and scream in the phone, whose tears we sometimes laugh at and whose smiles can make us cry.

And we pray for those whose nightmares come in the daytime, who will eat anything, who have never seen a dentist, who aren’t spoiled by anybody, who go to bed hungry and cry themselves to sleep, who live and move and have no being.

We pray for children who want to be carried and those who must, for those we never give up on and for those who don’t get a second chance, for those we smother and for those who will grab the hand of anyone kind enough to offer it.”Amen

In 2009 4 Women Were Shot & 3 killed in 24-hour Shooting Spree in East New York

7 thoughts on “Prayers for Children

  1. Big problem in the United States is that so many Americans are against tougher restrictions in the possibility to buy weapons. It should be forbidden that people can just buy any sort of fire-gun.

    You write that we can not do anything to “build a gated community to keep out the violence and pain of the rejected.” First as you said “we need access to mental health and gun control” secondly it is important how people are brought up, which mentality is given to them. The teaching by parents and educators is very important and than thirdly an environment should be created where the youngsters can feel that they can grow and have a meaning of existence. They and their parents also need “villages that will shepherd youth with love and justice.”
    Fourthly the country should offer prospects for everybody.

      • We are people who do accept that the Creator God has given His Words to guide us, written down in 66 Books, forming what is known as the Bible. We do believe that all what we have to know to make a good live is written in that book, that also shows us that the promises that God made always have come true.

        There are only three promises, which did not come in fulfilment, but we do believe that they shall become reality in the near future. Therefore we look out for the Return of Christ, the anointed son of God, who died for our sins and was resurrected on the third day after his death, taken up by God in heaven to be a mediator between God and man.

        As you can read we do follow the Bible its saying that Jesus is a man and the son of God and not god the son (something totally different) and has come to sit at the right hand of his Father. (Matthew 3:17; John 3:16; Acts 7:55; Hebrews 10:12)

        “But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God;” (Hebrews 10:12 AV)

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