Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) on Religion & Revolution

stokely-carmichael-civil-rights-activist-resigned-as-prime-minister-of-the-black-panther-partyKwame Ture aka Stokely Carmichael famous SNCC organizer, Pan-African and firebrand speaks on the role of religion in liberation. A highlight of this speech is that according to the Bible Jesus never stepped foot in Europe so he could have been any color BUT white. Additionally, Ture outlines the many contributions Africa has made to world religions in general and Christianity in particular such as monotheism and the monastery.

Many do not know that Kwame Ture seriously considered becoming a preacher as a teenager. I actually think this calling was fulfilled just outside of the church walls in struggle for African people. May this mighty warrior rest in peace!

3 thoughts on “Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) on Religion & Revolution

  1. I’ve always admired Stokely (Kwame), even though I don’t always agree with everything he says. You can’t fault him in many areas, though! He was spot on regarding Jesus laying low in Egypt and not being a European. The Bible (in Matthew chapter 2) says He was hidden in Egypt and must have resembled the natives enough so as to not cause suspicion. Good move on God’s part. Intelligent!

    • Thank you for the comment and for following my blog. Yes Brother Ture was wish to point out where Jesus actually lived. God’s wisdom tops ours everyday! Be Blessed!

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