Foods that can help fight the flu

I am not into the flu shot but I do believe in avoiding the flu at all cost, here are some natural ways to fight the flu.

My Real Food Family


Flu season has made a very early appearance this year.  Experts say that new cases of the flu have been reported in almost every state at an alarming rate.  While flu shots are believed to protect people from getting the flu, it’s always a good idea to continually wash your hands and be careful about putting your hands on your face and near your mouth.  Consuming these herbs and foods is another way to help ward off the flu.  Be sure that you have plenty of these foods in your diet!

Ginseng root – helps treat cough and fever

Strawberries/berries – high in vitamin C, studies have shown berries to reduce the duration and intensity of the flu

Cinnamon – contains antioxidants that help boost immune system

Raw honey – helps with sore throat

Cayenne pepper – helps beat congestion by thinning mucus in the sinus cavities

Raw garlic –…

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