Check out what my cousin has to say about how Hurricane Sandy changed her life…

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It’s taken months for me to process her. And truth be told I’m still feeling her remnants daily, albeit subconsciously. When news reports told of her forthcoming rage we mocked them. We had survived poverty, an earthquake, and a neighborhood that was reminiscent of a war torn country. Surely this single insignificant occurrence wouldn’t be the cause of our demise. We were to find that fated October evening that we were wrong.

Hurricane Sandy tore through New York and fucked us up. Honestly, there is no better way to put it. I cannot and will not try to state it with more class or with any semblance of sophistication. She fucked us up. For 14 days we endured cold, dark and putrid conditions. Residents of Red Hook Brooklyn and numerous other neighborhoods were left to fend for themselves. We were without basic necessities such as water, heat and electricity.

I couldn’t understand how the…

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    • Congrats on starting your skincare store! Do you have info about it on your blog? I will definitely spread the info and actually know two sisters who are looking for natural remedies for skin issues?

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