A great poetry contest where you can win $50!

Street Poets NYC


I thought it would be dope to write a Poem.

I thought it would be even more dope if we all wrote the Poem.

Here are two lines to begin with, and EVERY POET, LYRICIST, or WRITER who graces this page will add TWO MORE LINES!!

Before you know we will have created a poem. A GREAT Poem. A Powerful Poem. That EVERYONE will hear about ๐Ÿ˜‰

(and your contact info, so if people can reach you as well!)

Yes, this is great for networking and meeting new Poets all over via STREETPOETSNYC.com.

Most importantlyโ€ฆ.you never know who needs to write, right now. You never know how needed to read your words.

First two lines of Poem:

I want a mouth so that I can pray to the Gods for water.

For I know that if a young man washes his hands properly, he can eat with Kings.

-Desmond (Followโ€ฆ

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Support this Sister’s wonderful Natural Skin Care Business, brother’s she’s got you to with the natural shaving cream!


I went to the bank to apply for a business loan. Despite having stellar credit, I was denied. After looking into the face of the loan officer and seeing her joy at my disappointment, I trudged home with a heavy heart. On the way home, I looked at my neighbourhood filled with shops that carried โ€œblack productsโ€ but were run by non-black and white people. It was then that an angry fire burned within me. I decided right then and there that something had to be done.

After months of toiling, planning and praying, my family and I opened a humble shop on Etsy.com called UrbanFire Products.ย Our shop is a byproduct of love, determination and lots of sacrifice. We useย freshย tea leaves and fruit juices right from my home garden.

Black man, we have not forgotten you. The organic cosmetic industry tends to focus on women, so I designed thisโ€ฆ

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A great event on Women’s Holistic Health in NYC!

Abundance Childโ„ข

Sunday March 10, 2013: Don't Miss The Annual Women's Her Story Month Celebration

Sunday March 10, 2013: Annual Womenโ€™s Her Story Month Celebration @ Nicholas Brooklyn Featuring Mother & Healer Annette Thomas, Sister Ma-jade, Dr. Makeda Judge, Sis. Kufunya, Sis. Ebony Knight and Hosted by Empress Jameelah

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