Prophetic Whirlwind: The Black Biblical Destiny


From Genesis to Revelation Blacks are present in the Holy Scriptures, yet this presence has been hidden due to prejudice and ignorance. Understanding the Black spiritual heritage is essential to understanding Black history and the freedom movement for justice. Prophetic Whirlwind seeks to uncover this rich history while inspiring through Biblical study and historical analysis. Understanding the Black contribution to Christianity and Judaism will deepen and challenge your faith, while calling you to struggle for social justice.

Topics Include:

  • The Black Presence in the Bible
  • African and African-American Jewish (Hebrew) Communities
  • The Biblical Call to Justice
  • The Biblical Response to Colorism

Services Provided:

  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Curriculum Creation
  • Articles, Blogs and Devotionals
  • Interviews
  • Community Organizing & Advocacy Consulting 

Ezekial37To schedule a lecture, workshop, interview or to have materials created for your house of worship or organization contact Onleilove Alston, M.Div., MSW at Youth programming and materials are also available upon request.

If you would like a Black Presence in the Bible resource list please sign-up for the Prophetic Whirlwind email list by emailing Your email will not be shared and you will not receive spam. 

Click on the Picture to Visit Prophetic Whirlwind on Tumblr for Photos of Blacks in the Bible & Early Church History.

8 thoughts on “Prophetic Whirlwind: The Black Biblical Destiny

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  2. Truth is what I seek after, and I agree that images that have been intentionally distorted or vandalized. Has a huge part of why black or people of color have problem in believing in the gospel because of the misconception do to racism. This is issue that has to be addressed in the body of Christ.

  3. Too intentionally, distort, and vandalize Biblical truth and its history, is an indication of a diabolical plan to subjugate, control, and to keep ignorance the minds of those whom were being enslaved, through distorting their Biblical Heritage. The Bible Heritage of the Black or Color presence in the Bible was in total contradiction to the diabolical and ignorance mindsets of European and especially to those in America.

    • Thank you Jerome it is true that hiding this information was a plot from the enemy but the truth is coming to light and Yahshua said the truth shall set you free.

  4. The black race is a multi-cultural race. Thanks to slavery we’re in every race in the world. My hat is off to your fine teachings which I embraced wholeheartedly. Now I can informed other blacks of inferior intelligence of the things I learn. May I have permission to use in my writings.

    • Dear James thank you for the encouragement yes you can use my research in your writings as long as you credit Onleilove Alston and Prophetic Whirlwind. I would not call our brothers and sisters who don’t know about the roots of our faith of inferior intelligence because the truth has been systematically hidden from us, it’s the job of those of us who know this information to spread it to our community with love and grace. Be Blessed!

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