I love this Red Blazer and the website overall because it’s a thrift site founded by a group of young, driven Christians!

Poetry Challenge Day 2: Cathedrals, Storefronts & Tabernacles

Sunday in Harlem. The streets are full as we bustle to get to temples built by man. Pimps hustle a gospel of greed and sacrifice(to their dreams). Prophets preaching truth and justice go unheeded and unhonored by the masses. A cathedral is built by money, a storefront is built by courage and a tabernacle is built by the hammering of silence- this tabernacle is your inner spirit and you are its’ only architect.

The Ancestors are Dancing in Harlem

The ancestors are dancing in Harlem… I feel them, I see them, they are calling to us to make right what they left wrong and to manifest their destiny in this great city within a city. They are calling to us to drum, dance and defund even when all seems dark, because the sun will always rise in the east and set in  the west. The ancestors are dancing in Harlem and their dancing shoes are love & joy.