2012 Blog of the Year Award!

It has been very encouraging to receive a few blog awards lately and thanks to Nizy over at Nizy’s Life Compendium, Eunice at Living and Loving, Rynnie at Modest is the Hottest I received five “Blog of the Year 2012 Awards”.

Below are blogs I think deserve this award because of the inspiring content:

  1. Nizy’s Life Compendium
  2. Crazy Fun Sexy Guide for Women
  3. CloudIn
  4. The Tale of My Heart
  5. Tripod Trippin’
  6. Coco J. Ginger Says

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Saas-Fee Photos Part 2

One week in I have been able to get some great photos. I visited a local church, spent sometime in the sauna and have been indulging in too much chocolate! See the photos below and enjoy!

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Maya Angelou & The National Underground Railroad Museum

After hearing Maya Angelou speak this morning at the Children’s Defense Fund National Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio I visited the National Underground Railroad Museum & Freedom Center and it was a powerful experience. Pay special attention to the Haunted Slave Poem because it was written in the 1800’s and shows the power of poetry to transform society. I hope these photographs inspire you all!


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Poetry Challenge Day 5: Into the Deep


Into the deep I go searching for truth even if I search alone. Deeply looking for the wisdom of freedom and the joy of love. What does one take into the deep? Courageous silence.