Svante Myrick: From Homeless to Cornell to Mayor at Just 24-Years Old!

Ithaca, New York’s new Mayor Svante Myrick truly has an inspiring story, during his childhood he was homeless and living in a car with his family until his grandparents took them in. Myrick went on to attend Cornell with the encouragement of a dedicated teacher.  A Mayor with this background would be inspiring at any age but at 24-years old Mayor Myrick’s story is truly a modern-day miracle; in spite of his achievements Svante does not consider himself a “self-made man” but credits all who helped him along the way. In a time of constant negative political news it is refreshing to hear this story because it can give us  hope for our country’s civic future. He is inspired by President Obama’s  historic journey to the White House and just as the President inspired him I am sure Mayor Myrick will inspire countless other young Black men. Svante’s  story is proof that people of color and poor people can achieve greatness if given the opportunity.

MSNBC Interview with Mayor Svante Myrick