A Poem A Day Writing Challenge

I am currently reading War of Art by Steven Pressfield a wonderful book that challenges the reader to bind and block any resistance to creating. I am attempting to recapture the creative dreams I had as a girl by taking baby steps towards creating. In Junior High and High School I would journal, write stories and plays but gave up my creativity along the way. God has been urging me to pick this back up but it is unnerving because I don’t feel like a “writer” or “artist”, but sometimes you have to step onto the water even when you don’t know how or if you can walk on it.

Yesterday I attended the NYC Theater of the Oppressed book release of Street Poetry by the Concrete Justice company. I was extremely inspired by all who read and the artist who designed the book’s cover discovered he was an visual artist only 2 years ago!! He showed me his portfolio and he was work was breathtaking yet all of his life he did not know he had this talent within him. The ability to paint was always there by dormant until a friend urged him to pursue it. His story encouraged me to step out even if I am a late bloomer.

So today is the first day of my 30 day poetry challenge, I hope you will join me in creating everyday if your spirit urges you to.

Late Bloomer

Lights out baby… Where did your spirit get buried? Why did you abort that dream. Your womb is the seat of your soul your creativity tomb and without purpose it will cave in on itself. We wonder why our light won’t shine, we wonder where our laughter has gone, we look to the east, west, him, her and that for happiness not realizing that a child much greater than happiness is within us and that child is joy which will be our strength-a dola urging us to push and give birth like Sarah who also bloomed late and Hager who was seen though she dared not dream.

I dabble in photography as a hobby and the photos below were taken by me and all represent the journey I am on. The first are my art supplies, the second is a picture at the lake in Chicago reminding me to step out of my boat of comfort and walk on the water of uncertain creativity and the last is of Guadalupe which reminds me of the miracle of creativity because when we create we give birth and imitate God. Be blessed!