I Was Nominated for the “Sunshine Award”

Today I got a sweet surprise when Mahogany over @ Crazy, Fun, Sexy Guide for Women nominated me for the, “Sunshine Award”! Her site provides free words of inspiration, bliss tips and video blogs that help women live a life of joy. Follow her on twitter: @CrazyFunSexy. I really appreciate Mahogany for thinking of me!

How it works: Once you have received a nomination, you have to do a few things to keep the sunshine spreading!

1. Blog a post linking back to the person/blog who nominated me. Mahogany at Crazy, Fun, Sexy Guide for Women.

2. Answer a few questions and nominate 10 bloggers, linking their blog to my post. You can find the nominations at the bottom.

3. Leave a comment on the blogs I have nominated.

4. Answer a few questions
The Questions
1. Who is your favorite philosopher? Albert Camus, for a while after reading his landmark work The Stranger I thought I was a Christian Existentialist (if that can even exist!).

2. What is your favorite number? The Number 1 Ace Club!

3. What is your favorite animal? Cats of all kinds: Lions, Tigers, Kittens-I want a Abyssinian Kitten but sadly, I am allergic to cats ): Also I am a LEO!

4. What are your Facebook/Twitter URL’s? Twitter: @Wholeness4ALL Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=9336267

5. What is your favorite time of day? High Noon or whenever the sun shines the brightest.

6. What was your favorite holiday? Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter) not the bunnies and eggs but reflecting on the actual resurrection of Christ. I also enjoy Lent because I can take time to fast and reflect collectively.

7. What is your favorite physical activity? A 3-way tie between walking, the elliptical and Bikram Yoga.

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Another 3-way tie between Sparkling Water, Pineapple Juice and Coffee (though I need to kick it again):

9. What is your favorite flower? Red Roses.

10. What is your passion? A third 3-way tie (maybe 3 is a favorite number) Justice, Wholeness & Big Love.

Here are the people that I am nominating for The Sunshine Award:

  1. Black Celebrity Energy: She analyzes Black Hollywood in a way that will renew your mind!
  2. Jose & Mayra: A Couple’s Reflections on Ministry & the Divine in NYC
  3. Kim D Parker Photography: This Sister Takes Wonderful Pics!
  4. Linen & Purple: A Blog of Beautiful Faith & Fashion!
  5. Street Poets NYC: Great Poems & Spoken Word!
  6. Healthy Nephesh: Great Divine Health & Healing Information.
  7. Thanksgiving 365: A Gratitude Journal from Harlem NYC to You
  8. The Sage Honey: A Great Blog for Urban Herbalist (and she writes too!)
  9. Black Raw Food Goddess: A Wonderful holistic practitioner & YouTuber
  10. A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss: Practical & Inspirational Health Tips

Thanks Again to Mahogany for nominating me for this award!



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